My upcoming Solo Exhibition features paintings from my travels around Scotland and France.  I have visited France many times over the years each time collecting sketches and watercolor studies of my trips.  This year I was struck by how similar parts of the colour palette are between the two countries.  This inspired me to combine my paintings of my various travels in my new exhibition.  This sketchbook captures some moments from those travels.  My next sketchbook will highlight some of the palette similarities.
The Scottish weather always presents a challenge when working outdoors. Here I am getting down some quick pencil and pastel sketches in between the frequent summer showers. 
This was an opportunity to set up my easel and do some seascape painting. 

Here I am loosely painting ideas for a final oil painting.  The beach looks towards Ardgour from Lismore.  

Painting watercolour studies of street scenes while holidaying in warmer climates. 

One of the bonuses of sketching in France is that there is little need for waterproof clothing.

This was a study of a small restaurant.  What caught my eye was the woodwork on the facade.

Painting Plein Air while on holiday at Periche, Canal Du Midi.

Although the subject matter is different from my usual Hebridean paintings the colour palette in this work turned out to be very similar.  The finished painting included various Blues and Greens with highlights of Magenta and Ultramarine Violet.

Getting Pastel sketches down on paper capturing as much colour and detail as possible in the early morning light before it gets too warm to sketch. 

Hot climates can often be more challenging to work in than the colder ones found in Scotland.  The temperature can make oil paints difficult to work with as the oil in the paint is prone to run. 

My upcoming exhibition is at the Lime Tree Gallery, Long Melford.  It opens on October 13th 2018.  Images of my new works can be seen on my website and on the Lime Tree site.